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The hotel has 24 rustic-industrial rooms separated into two sections. Among the beautiful vineyards that fill the landscapes of Valle de Guadalupe is Agua de Vid

Our rituals

Native facial Miyawii ritual rejuvenates

Miyawii means honey in Kiliwa

Duration 50 min Cost $ 1160.00 | $ 68 dlls

● Facial cleansing extract of sage and arnica
● Herbal exfoliation and grape seed
● Wine mud mask moisturizing organic honey and calendula

Miyawii native body ritual rejuvenates

Miyawii means honey in kiliwa

Duration 50 min Cost $ 1160.00 | $ 68 dlls

● Native aromatherapy
● Body antioxidant water
● Hot pindas
● Organic moisturizing honey and calendula massage

Ja'tay ritual of native salts

Ja'tay means sea in Kiliwa

Duration 1 hour 20 min Cost $ 3422.00 | $ 200 dlls

● Temazcal
● Native salt tubs
● Shower
● Deep antioxidant massage
● Seaweed wrap

Ritual Ja’

Ja 'means water in Kiliwa

Duration 1 hour 20 minutes Cost $ $ 2900.00 | $ 170 dlls

● Temazcal
● Hot and cold battery
● Deep antioxidant massage

Ritual sekui’

Sekui 'means lovers in kiliwa

Duration 1 hour 40 minutes
Cost $ 5742.00 | $ 338 dlls

1. Hot water and cold water cells
2. Temazcal
3. Grape seed facial and body scrub
4. Antioxidant deep facial and body massage

Ritual Nayta’

Nayta 'means horse in kiliwa

Duration 60 minutes
Cost $ 1392.00 | 82 dlls

● Temazcal
● Saltwater batteries
● Thermal water piles
● Relaxing massage option
● Foot and hand exfoliation and reflexology option


In front of the second stage of the hotel is our Eco Spa offering a connection experience to our Valley with natural and sensory elements such as Temazcal, hot and cold water tubs, salt water piles to detoxify your body providing facial and body treatments using local brand products Viniphera


The Spa continues with the particular design of vine water with a combination of a style industrial, rustic integrating with minimalist touches. It has 4 water stacks salt to activate circulation and cell regeneration, 2 temazcales with capacity for 12 and 4 people, 3 cubicles for massages offering facials and Full body as well as exfoliation, reflexology on hands and feet. Account with hot and cold water hydrotherapy tubs, as well as bathrooms and dressing rooms.


Our rituals are inspired by the Kiliwa community. The kiliwas are a group ethnic group that lives in the north of the state of Baja California in the municipality of Ensenada, in Mexico, its culture expressed in a set of patterns, knowledge, instruments to which they resort to interact within each group, with other human beings and with nature, tangible and intangible elements in which they include language, music, dance, rituals and beliefs, productive techniques, traditional games, therapeutic knowledge, culinary arts, value systems and social organization. Its ethnic population is composed of a few dozen people, of which only a small part speaks the Kiliwa language.

General information

● Hours and days: From Tuesday to Sunday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. (at 7 p.m. last ritual)
● Email:
● Phone: +52 (646) 119 2165
● An anticipation of 50% of the non-refundable ritual is requested to generate a reservation
● The means to generate a reservation are Instagram, Facebook and phone
● The minimum age to enter the spa is 12 years
● Prices have VAT included (16%)