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The hotel has 24 rustic-industrial rooms separated into two sections. Among the beautiful vineyards that fill the landscapes of Valle de Guadalupe is Agua de Vid


In Ensenada Baja California, just 15 km away, is the Valley of Guadalupe; main wine producer in Mexico. This region has a climate privileged mediterranean making it an ideal destination to visit in its four seasons. Today it has positioned itself as one of the main destinations gastronomy of the country due to its wide variety of local products of the most high quality.

Among the impressive vineyards that fill the landscapes of the Valley, Agua de Vid; a boutique hotel that highlights the region's viticultural agricultural vocation merging its campirano environment with a majestic design architecture modern and avant-garde that prioritizes comfort, luxury and the best experience of service.


Agua de Vid es un complejo turístico que cuenta con un hotel boutique de 24 habitaciones, Zingaro Hostal estilo glamping, el restaurante Pancracia cocina de autor, La Tintorera rooftop lounge, galería de arte, asador campestre, un Eco-spa, jardín de eventos y cancha de petanca.


Its design was developed by young Mexican architects, who sought incorporate modern ideas in a rustic setting, prioritizing the orientation of the place to take advantage of the prevailing winds and reducing the environmental impact. Using of basic materials such as concrete, steel and glass.


The project focuses on the optimization of resources, both natural and artificial For example, all the wood used for construction is recycled transforming it into tables, doors and chairs; without mentioning the latticework that surrounds the place. Agua de Vid highlights his love for Mexico using handcrafted mosaics, mud lattices and furniture brought from different regions of the country.